Monday, January 21, 2008

Son of a Gun

“Shut the f**k up, you son of a gun”, said the mother Uzi to the Luger. “How can you do it, she was the only one who could get some sanity to Pakistan. You have disappointed me."

...“But mom…, nobody saw me”, said the Luger sheepishly. “Enough, first you kill someone and then you lie, just let
your father come home!”, Uzi fired Luger at the top of her voice. “Mom…they think she died in the blast, by some silly suicide bomber”, said Luger. “See now, what have you done to the family reputation. They think we aren’t even reliable. They had to send a man to do a gun’s job”, said Uzi. “Its time to put you in detention now, so just unload, put your safety on, holster yourself and sit in the drawer”, ordered Uzi as she stomped out of the room.

She had no option but to sulk till evening, looking past the framed photographs of the ancestors would give some solace, she thought. Her heart was lead-heavy, she threw the magazine aside and dragged her feet towards the family, hall of fame. These couple of hours, will seem like a century to her, she knew.

Uzi went nostalgic looking at the black and white photo, which dated back to 1948. She could never forget the Arab Israeli war. The smell of sulphur was still there in her barrel. The handsome portrait of Major Uziel Gal looked down at her, with benign eyes. The german born israeli weapon designer, looked like a clergyman. A toymaker of sorts, who would be remembered sixty years later by a blogger on

Ironically, Major Gal’s greatest creation was a tool of destruction. Uzi looked at the dust covered portrait of her father; who she was named after.

Major Gal had a good foresight, but a weak conviction. After creating Uzi, he tried his level best…not to get the weapon named after him. He made some futile attempts which the Israeli defense ministry turned down. Call it Karma, in the end, Uzi paid for his creation. Till today, whenever a drop of blood is spilt, his name comes first in any record. If Billy the Kid ever saw, the number of Uzi victims since 50’s, he’d have his profession changed to a kindergarten teacher.

To be continued...


Divya said...

Hahahaha! Hilarious concept, this :D

Paulina said...

Keep up the good work.

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