Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sick Strings

“Getting F - majorly, with... F - Major aint no one's F -business.If you have a F - problem, please try to F - yourself. It will be F – embarrassing if you cant F – play it. Give it your best F – shot, still if you can’t then F – give up. Playing guitar aint your F – game.”

- Anxious Rohitus Dubious, 2OO7 AD

"Take me home, I am sick of this place", said my six string.

I was seduced in 1999, in the backfields of NID, Ahmedabad. Couldn’t muster up my courage for next four years, got my pleasures just looking at them in others arms…then I bumped into them, when I least expected; right inside the QAR room. It was midnight, there was no one around. I reached for them... and got them to my room. I didn’t care who they belonged to. That was my first night with those strings.

"Its never too late to learn Hotel California", my friend Van says emphatically, everytime I hit a sloppy F major.


Avinash Rebello said...

why the f is my name not against the finger that digs van's nose!


Stop fingering around for F**king finger :P ...will do the needful soon :)