Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Why are you here? Yeah, I am serious. Why are you here? This is a no-good-ghost-blog. All you’ll find here is fragmented pieces of a fraud who calls himself a writer. Yeah, this guy is no writer. If you know how much he scored in English way back in high school, you’ll probably flag this blog as blasphemous. And since we’re on this topic, I might as well confide in you. It was a whopping fifty-f$#%ing-four percent. Yeah, 54%!

But that really doesn’t matter now (oops, I shouldn’t start sentences with ‘But’), that was way back in 1996. Probably, I was really bad at remembering Shakespearean dialogues. Or maybe I was thinking, how BamBam Bigelow combo on sega Wrestling Video game is flawed while writing the paper. Or maybe, I was just day dreaming about the sweetest patch of my life to come – the ten days before the results come out. All in all, I just messed up that very exam, which made my prowess in this fancy language…my proverbial Holy Grail. I will always stay the vernacular I was to Mrs. Thomas, my English teacher. May God rest her soul in peace and she doesn’t turn too much in her grave as I type this. Well she had a gout problem. I was 100% sure of that.

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